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We've set out to be the pioneers


Using modern technological tools by our motivated teams, we seek at KEA-Holding to bring added value to the societies in terms of Investments, IT solutions, Constructions & Retail.


Our target is to expand in the European and Asian market, while striving to ensure that our partners select us for the high level of proficiency and commitment we possess.

The Group

KEA Holding was founded in Norway in 2012 with an aspiration of building a global leading firm focusing on investment and technology.

In no time, we had more than fifty five employees across Norway, The United Arab Emirates, and Lebanon. 

Along the way, the idea of owning assets and gaining control over more than one company has taken its shape, and a parent-subsidiary relationship has been formed with over five wholly-owned subsidiaries.

We Are Developing

We aim to expand our business on a globe scale to reach more than twenty companies by the year 2030.

Join us, be a part of this Expansion Strategy, and make your growth more structured and sustainable.


How We Did It?

"If you want to actually have that dream, a plan is the map that gets you there." 

It all started as an idea from a dream, some possibilities were brainstormed after that. Then, a clear goal was picked and KEA was created. 

The concept of having more than one company has elaborated through time, ending in five subsidiaries in five different domains.

And “voila”, we are KEA-Holding! 

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KEA Partners

Our Guiding Principles








Our Family of Companies:

A Real estate and property development company with a rich experience in townhouses and villas. Seek us to develop and construct, preserve or renovate residential real estate projects and convert your ideas from papers to real properties.
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Set up your commercial properties and private residence from scratch and on a budget to a stunning, modern, and one-of-a-kind floor plan. 

Our experts create unique concepts and designs, to reach state-of-the-art interior and exterior finishes, passing by all stages of implementing architectural drawings and maps.

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Bold Invest is a company from the heart of the financial industry. We mainly deal with investments and various forms of financing business activities .

Invest your money wisely and reduce risks.


 Bold Invest also helps in regaining financial liquidity and providing monetary advice.

We offer to find the best investment solutions in the cheapest possible way and in the shortest time.

KEA-Retail's mission is to find the best for retailers to keep up with consumers. 


We are a comprehensive retail consulting firm offering deep product expertise helping many of the startup grocery shops and supermarkets,  together with running businesses, enhance their processes with our retail consulting practices. 


Web Design and Development, Digital Marketing, IT Development, Content Writing, Brand Identity, Animation, and much more are just a click away. 

Visit us now for high quality and future-proof technical solutions and change your idea into a plan.

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